What Is Internet Protocol Address Management

IPAM or Internet Protocol Address Management is a way that you can plan, track, and manage the Internet Protocol address space used in a network. Your Internet Protocol, or IP, is the principal communications protocol or rules in the internet protocol suite. This suite of communications protocols is commonly referred to as TCP/IP. IPAM also integrates the domain name system or DNS and the dynamic host configuration protocol or DHCP so that each protocol is aware of changes in the other.

Current IP Version
Internet Protocol version 4 or Ipv4 is still the most used Internet Protocol version today. It still routes the majority of the internet traffic today. IPv4 is also a connectionless protocol used in packet-switched networks. The downside is that does not guarantee packet delivery nor does it assure proper sequencing or does it avoid duplicate delivery. The current protocol under development and deployment is IPv6

Newest IP Version
Ipv6 is the newest Internet Protocol version upgrade. It will provide an identification and location system for computers that reside on a network and route traffic across the Internet. IPv6 was developed in part to deal with the long-anticipated problems of IPv4 address depletion.

Why Do We Need IPv6
Every device on the Internet is assigned an IP address for identification and location definition. The IP address space is currently managed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority globally and also by five regional Internet Registries that are responsible for assignment to end users and local Internet Registries. With the explosive growth of the Internet, after its commercialization, it became clear that far more addresses than those available through IPv4 were going to be necessary to connect new devices in the future. By 1998 the Internet Engineering Task Force had formalized a successor protocol, IPv6. One of the huge changes to the protocol is that IPv6 uses a 128-bit address system. This theoretically allows the number of addresses available to be 2 times 10 to the 128th power. That translates to the number 10 with 128 zeros behind it times 2. This is a number beyond human comprehension. There are approximately only 10 to the 80th atoms in the entire visible universe. As a consequence of this, I believe they have gotten their IP address problem solved.

An Overview of Real Estate CRM Software

As a real estate agent or broker, you will want to do whatever it takes to make your business successful. A lot of your success will depend on making lots of sales on a consistent basis. One of the best ways to work towards maximizing your sales is to use real estate CRM software. This is a type of software that offers a number of benefits. Real estate professionals who use this software will be able to more efficiently manage their contacts, set goals, plan strategies, do marketing campaigns and also track their sales. As a result, they will be in great position to better manage their real estate business by using real estate CRM software.


When using real estate IXACT CRM software, agents and brokers will be able to take advantage of a feature known as contact management. This particular feature consists of keeping a listing of client contacts such as names, email addresses, phone numbers and also dates and times that are best to contact them. It also contains information such as what a client is looking for in a home and therefore, real estate professionals can use this to stay in touch with their current and prospective clients. Since gathering a lot of contact information is important to making a real estate business successful, the software helps professionals more efficiently keep this information on file.


Another feature offered by real estate CRM software is transaction management. This software helps real estate professionals keep track of all of their past can current transactions. Using this software will help them keep track of sales figures, number of sales made, commissions made and also the types of homes and properties that they have sold. As a result, the software can help them better track their progress and allow them to determine if they are consistently reaching their sales goals.


Real estate professionals who use this particular software package will also be able to take advantage of marketing features. This software offers agents and brokers a number of different letter and email templates. These will help an agent or broker stand out and make a lasting impression on clients. It will also allow them to send hundreds of emails to clients and help them get more business in the future.